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Radio stations often create ads for free, but often the scripts are written by busy sales people who merely give you sixty seconds of token cliches' such as "founded in 1950..." and "for all your blah, blah needs" to name a couple. If you want a superior commercial, then let EMMI create impact. EMMI will charge you, but your commercial will stand out. These advertisers understand that the perfect commercial creation is just as important as a wisely plotted media schedule. Here are several ways EMMI uses radio effectively.

Cordell and Cordell

How could the domestic relations law firm, Cordell and Cordell, still maintain its dignified image when advertising its service on the radio? The answer was to have a well liked and respected celebrity tell men facing divorce that they're not alone. EMMI secured the perfect celebrity to bare his soul about his own divorce, Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith. Another key ingredient in this commercial is the announcer who conveys authority and class.
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Vinson Mortgage Group

Anyone who has listened to St. Louis radio for even a day knows the unmistakable voice of Ray Vinson, Founder of Vinson Mortgage Group. In this fun ad, a homeowner, who is overwhelmed with debt, opens her mail box and she is surprised to find Ray Vinson talking to her. Ray has found the woman has a pile of credit card bills and he explains to the woman how a Vinson bill consolidation will free her from financial stress. Once she's convinced that she needs Vinson, they have a memorable and cute exchange at the end of the ad.
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EPC Computers

Everyone hates loud and "shout-y" commercials, yet they work. EMMI produces these hard sell spots as well as anyone. EMMI produced this EPC Computers' ad with the voice of "Superman." Nothing really new with the Superman plot, but Superman working in tandem with his friend, Tiny, makes this hard-sell really stick out.
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It's Just Lunch

It's Just Lunch needed more successful men 30 to 40 in its match making service. So EMMI lured these men to It's Just Lunch with the perfect female voice. This commercial rests strictly on the shoulders of the voice talent. The voice has the perfect mix of believability, sophistication, sexiness and professionalism.
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Howard RV Supercenter


EMMI interviewed many Howard RV Supercenter customers and got these customers to talk casually about their experiences. The result was believable testimony. So often advertisers script lines and the result is people "role playing." As demonstrated on this Howard RV Supercenter commercial, real people talking about real experiences creates believability and warmth.
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