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You'll really be proud of your Messages On-Hold program.

Your On-Hold program will be informative, entertaining and customized for your business. Often EMMI incorporates interviews with customers and employees into your on-hold program, along with the traditional elements of narrator and background music. Your on-hold button actually will be transformed into a radio program, which will be "caller friendly."

The best part is that you will have no long term commitments or contracts to sign. Plus, you will not have to purchase any equipment from EMMI. EMMI simply encourages you to purchase a CD player with a "repeat feature" to play your Messages On-Hold.

Anderson Roofing and Construction

Anderson Roofing and Construction on-hold program features the voices of customer testimony and the owner of the company in believable ad-libs. The program is entertaining yet professional.

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Northbridge Dental

If you simply want the traditional on-hold approach, EMMI will deliver, as demonstrated on this Northbridge Dental excerpt.
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Futon Express

This Futon Express on-hold program is cool and jazzy. The narration is casual and chatty; the believable customer testimonial is warm, sincere and soooooo relaxing; and the music selection sets the mood perfectly. This is a great approach for any business that wants a unique, totally contemporary on-hold program.
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