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Superior Broadcast Placement: ad dollars shrewdly negotiated, strategically placed & soundly administered.

Are you aware of the hundreds of media outlets available to advertise your professional service business? With so many choices, can you honestly say that you have a grip on where your advertising dollars would work best?

EMMI Advertising knows the most efficient broadcast and narrowcast options for you. EMMI works with the media all day, everyday, on behalf of professional service business owners. EMMI can plan your broadcast/narrowcast media schedules based on your objectives and budgets. This includes TV, cable, radio, webcasting, web optimization. Often if a professional service business has a unique selling position, public relations or PR can be used in conjunction with the media schedules or even in lieu of the media schedules.

Think of the EMMI service the way you would think of a travel agency. Imagine that you're on your way to Europe. You have clear objectives for your trip. Wouldn't it be far easier to let a travel agent plan your trip based on your own objectives, budgets and special requests than to spend hours planning that itinerary yourself? If you answered yes because you would want to save time; because you would want objective advice on the best places to see and stay; and because you would feel more comfortable knowing that the travel agent knows the territory better than you or your staff, then you definitely would want EMMI to handle your media planning, PR and ad creation for the same reasons...

media buys
creative services
public relations
EMMI placement service is free. You pay no mark up; in fact you may pay less!
EMMI will distinguish you from the pack with the perfect creative effect.

EMMI can persuade the media to tell your unique story.



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